We hereby acknowledge supports from all Christians/Church ministries who have been of tremendous help to The Sower Ministry:


Our Daily Manna

Rev. Dr. Chris E. Kwakpovwe (



Our Daily Bread

RBC Ministries,

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. (


The Good Seed

RBC Ministries,

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. (


House Of Gold


1988 Word Of Truth,

  1. O. BOX 1126,

Kaduna, Nigeria.


The Word For Today

By Bob And Debby Gass,

With Ruth Gass Halliday,

Celebration Enterprises,

P. O. Box 5130, Alpharetta,

GA 30023.

Manhood With Meaning (The God Principle)

Richard Halverson,

1972 By The Zondervan Corporation,

Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Joyful ‘toons

The Christian Cartonns with the joyful message,

By Mike Waters, (


GBV Dillenburg GmbH

Eiershäuser Straße 54

35713 Eschenburg


Phone: +49 2774 8005-0

Fax: +49 2774 8005-50 (

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