Sowercartoons Pull out the nail hole
Pull out the nail hole


What will you do with the (hole) scar on Jesus leg – hand… look and remember you will meet him face to face one day. Will he be you saviour or judge?

The sword shall never depart from your house; 2 Samuel 12:10.

A father pounded a nail on a wall. He gave a disobedient son the hammer to pull out the nail. The boy shrugged, grabbed the hammer and yanked out the nail.

Father: that’s like forgiveness, son; when you do something wrong, it’s like pounding in a nail. Forgiveness is when you pull the nail out.

Boy: okay, I get it.

Father: now take the hammer and pull out the nail hole.

Boy: that’s impossible, I can’t pull it out. (Dave Branon).

Remember the consequences of sin for it is impossible to pull out the nail hole.


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