Sowercartoons GOD SENT HIS SON


God sent his Son to save us from impending death, he is coming back again to take us to himself – the time is very, very short.

When the fullness of the time had come, God sent his Son; Galatians 4:4

Still having one Son, his beloved, he also sent him to them last; Mark 12:6.

“The almighty did not send an angel down to us from heaven, but his own Son, the creator, the architect of the entire universe, the One who spreads the heavens in their extent and fixed the limits of the ocean; the One, too, whom the stars obey. The Son of God came from God, having been sent to mankind as the savior. He did not appear in order to judge us, although the day will come when he will be the judge; then who will be able to endure in His presence? This moment has not yet come owing to the immense patience of our God, who nevertheless remains unchangeably the same. He conceived a plan in His mind, which He confided to His Son alone. He wished first to show that man cannot, by his own efforts, enter into the kingdom of God. Then, at the appointed time, Jesus took upon Himself the burden of our sins and gave His life a ransom for us: He, the holy One for the disobedient, the perfect Man for the wicked, and the Just for the unjust. What, apart from our righteousness, could have put away all our unrighteousness? Who else, apart from the only begotten Son of God, could make the wicked and godless just? It was an unfathomable work and unsurpassable grace! The guilt of a multitude of men and women was taken away by a single just person, and the righteousness of one made countless guilty persons righteous.”

(This text was taken from a letter by an unknown person of the 2nd century A.D. to a certain Diogenes).

Culled from www.gbv-dillenburg.de


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