Sowercartoons STILL WATERS (2)


…he leads me beside the still waters, stop, rest and drink from the water of the word of God.

He makes me to lie down in green pastures; he leads me beside the still waters; Psalms 23:2

Now is the time to rest for a moment and be fortified through the presence and care of the Good Shepherd, so that the turbulence of our circumstances does not bring our spiritual life to a standstill.

“He leads me beside the still waters.” A lot of advertising promises things that taste good, but it is pure water that brings true refreshment. A waterfall may be interesting to watch, but still water is better for drinking.

The believer’s inner man is parched if it is not refreshed regularly by the water of the word of God, and our pilgrimage becomes tiring if we ignore the pauses that Shepherd deems necessary. So let us put our diary aside for a moment’s rest each day and open our bible instead. We need to care for the inner man in fellowship with Christ. Then we can find the rest and refreshment we need so much if we “lie down” in His pasture.

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